President Yameen Inaugurates Kooddoo Airport Maldives

The newly improved and extended Kooddoo Airport Maldives was officially inaugurated by President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom.

President Yameen, speaking at this function, said that the Maldivian Government truly values the trust between the investors and the Maldivian government. He highlighted that the Government under his administration, has created a “Climate for investment and development” and that both, the investors and the Maldivian people are being benefited by this.

Several cabinet Ministers along with members of parliament and stakeholders of the Kooddoo Airport Maldives attended the function held for the reopening if the Kooddoo Airport.

The new improvements of the Koodoo Airport Maldives include the extension of the runway from 1200 meters to 1800 meters and opening of a new business class VIP lounge. A new harbor for passengers and two new staff accommodations were also developed under the renovation project of the Kooddoo Airport Maldives.

The new uniform of the Kooddoo Airport Maldives was also launched and showcased by the staff. It is important to note that the Kooddoo Airport Maldives now employs 100%, Maldivian employees.