First Lady Conveys Words of Encouragement to the Students Sitting in O’level Exams

The first lady of Maldives, Madam Fathmath Ibrahim has conveyed words of encouragement and good wishes to those students sitting in SSC and O’level Examinations this year.

“I wish all the students participating in O’level Examinations, the best of luck and success in their exams”

Madam Fathun tweeted from the official twitter account of the First Lady of Maldives.

Statistics of the Department of Public Examinations show that a total of 7125 students from Maldives will be doing the O’level Exams. Out of this, 5587 students are from schools throughout Maldives and the remaining 1538 students attending as private candidates from 52 institutions.

Education and social status of the Maldivian community were always among the top priorities of the First Lady Madam Fathmath Ibrahim.