Amendment to Article 207 Passed in Today’s Short Parliament Session

Amendment to Article 207 was passed during today’s Sitting in Parliament. The first session after the recommencing of the People’s Majlis was carried out this morning amidst protest by opposition Members of Parliament inside the Majlis chamber.

The General Committee’s review of the amendment proposed to Article 207 of People’s Majlis Regulation by Speaker Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed was presented and a vote was taken on the amendment.

Three clauses were added to Article 207. They are;

(b) No more than 15 parliamentarians per group can be selected from those who volunteer for Parliamentary Friendship Groups Which People’s Majlis establish relations with. If the number of parliamentarians who volunteer exceeds 15, members will be selected based on the overall percentage of each political party represented in the Majlis.

(c) Parliamentarians should be informed in writing or through an SMS every time a Friendship Group needs to be established. Parliamentarians who wish to be members of the groups need to inform the Speaker.

(d) Each Friendship Group can compile policies and regulations on how it will be carrying out its work.

Today’s Parliament session was attended by 55 Parliamentarians and the amendment was passed with 28 votes.

Opposition members, as they said before, continued their series of protest in calling for the resignation of the Speaker. Their efforts to obstruct the Majlis session failed as the speaker and ruling party members joined in the action for their honorable work.

Speaker of Parliament, Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed, after the vote, announced that all items on the agenda were fulfilled and that the Majlis is concluded for today. The date for the next Majlis sitting was not announced.