Police Requests 9 Individuals to be Tagged Under MoniCon Order

Maldives Police Service has requested the High Court to issue MoniCon orders against nine individuals who are believed to have major ties to the gangs and are involved in violent crime.

Officials from the Police disclosed that the request was filed with the High Court last Tuesday.

Maldives police service has requested for MoniCon tags to be placed on 16 individuals previously. This decision was later reviewed and a decision was made to send 9 names for MoniCon orders.

The new request for MoniCon orders comes amid a spike in gang violence in Male’ City. Under the MoniCon order, police will have the right to tag individuals and restrict and monitor their movements. Individuals who are tagged under the MoniCon order will be restricted to their residences between 2200hrs until 0600hrs and will be prohibited from visiting certain areas. Their monetary transactions will also be closely monitored via credit card surveillance. Authorities are also permitted to obtain biometric details of the tagged individuals if need be.

Article 29 of Anti-Terrorism Act grants the authority to request for a MoniCon Order to the Minister of Home Affairs. The law also empowers the Minister of Home Affairs to make any changes to the Order or cease the Order.