1000 Flats Allocated for Civil Servants from Hulhumale’ Second Phase

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, Dr.Mohamed Muizzu has said that 1000 flats out of the 7000 flats developed through the second phase of the Hulhumale’ Development Project will be allocated for Civil Servants.

Speaking at a press conference held in Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure this Thursday morning, Minister Muizz said that President Yameen has taken initiative to provide housing for the Civil Servants and has decided on Wednesday that 1000 flats will be specially allocated for the Civil Servants.

He said the 1,000 flats will be divided into three categories; 300 flats will be allocated for managerial-level civil servants, 300 for admin- level civil servants and 400 flats for support service staff.

“Of the 1,000 housing units, 300 housing units will be allocated for managerial-level staff. That, according to the civil service structure is people between MX2 to EX2. The second category is the administration-rank staff. They will be allocated 300 flats. They are staff between MX2 to GS3. The third category is support service staff. They will be allocated 400 housing units. They are staff between SS4 to SS1”

Minister Muizz also said that the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has assured that the 7000 flats will be completed in one and a half years and that the selection procedures of tenants will commence soon.

He said those who wished to apply for the 1,000 flats needed to submit new application forms. And that civil servants who applied for different housing schemes in the past needed to re-apply for the 1,000 flats.