Journalists Being “Under the Influence” on the Job is Disgraceful – Hassan Ghassaan

The CEO of Channel 13, Hassan Ghassan has said that journalists being “under the influence” on the job is a disgraceful act.

Hassan Ghassan, late last night tweeted that such acts being committed by Maldivian journalists, dishonour the basic principles of journalism and that he strongly disapproves and condemn these unacceptable acts.

However, Ghassan’s tweet did not disclose any names or specify the names of the TV stations to which these journalists belong to. In the meanwhile, rumours erupt in the social media saying that some journalists of the Opposition aligned Raajje TV was seen drunk in the Addu city, trying to cover the first lady’s events while security details posted outside the entrance stopped them. Raajje TV has also confirmed that their journalists were indeed not allowed into last night’s events.

Being one of the brightest faces and one of the youngest CEOs the Maldivian media at the moment, Hassan Ghassan’s tweet has drawn the attention of thousands towards the matter. Hundreds of people have retweeted Ghassan’s words in the past 24 hours while Members of Parliament have also expressed concern over this occurrence.