The Concerns of Addu City Citizens Will be Adressed – Madam Fathimath Ibrahim

The first lady of Maldives, Madam Fathimath Ibrahim has said that the concerns and complaints of the citizens of Addu city will be addressed.

Madam Fathimath Ibrahim, in an interview after her trip to Addu City, said that the main purpose of her short trip to Addu was to personally uncover the issues faced by the people in Addu city. She stressed that these concerns, complaints and issues will not go un-noticed and assured that she will personally work to the best of her ability to resolve the problems the people may face.

Madam Fathimath Ibrahim, during her trip, held meetings with all age groups of people. Madam Fathimath Ibrahim also met with the elderly and the disabled citizens of Addu city.

“It is an absolute pleasure to see such love, care and support from the citizens of Addu city. I sincerely thank the people of Addu city for their warm welcome and encouragement on behalf of the president and myself. “

Said Madam Fathimath Ibrahim as she expressed gratitude towards the stunning support seen in Addu city.

Madam Fathimath Ibrahim’s trip to Addu city has brought forward a clear picture of how much the people of the Maldives appreciate and support President Yameen and the first lady’s honourable work. Thousands of people gathered at every event hosted in the honour of the first lady because of nothing but pure love for President Yameen and Madam Fathimath Ibrahim.