Presidential Elections 2018 Will Be Convened Impartially and Legitimately- Elections Commission

Elections Commission, in a press release earlier today, declared that the Presidential Elections 2018 will be convened impartially and legitimately within the line of the constitution of the Maldives.

The press release mentioned that the European Parliament’s delegates’ visit to Maldives this week gave implications that other political leaders have in fact made attempts to alter the facts of the works implemented the elections commission.

“I strongly urge all political personnel to refrain from these baseless allegations and stop their pointless efforts to create “turbulence” between the Maldivian people and the commission. “

Elections Commission Member Ahmed Akram said in reference to the press release.

The press release also mentions that the Local Council Elections 2017 have proven the capacity of the commission to hold fair and impartial elections amidst protest and chaos. International observers have also recognized this year’s elections as one of the smoothest elections to ever be held in the Maldives.

Elections Commission assures all Maldivians that the commission will do everything in its power to ensure the impartiality and legitimacy of the presidential elections 2018. The commission advises the people of the Maldives to stop falsifying the duties and responsibilities implemented by the elections commission of the Maldives.