Maldives Will Proudly Own 21 Airports by the End of Next 5 years- Minister Zameer

Minister of Tourism and Deputy Leader of ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), Moosa Zameer has said that Maldives Will Proudly Own 21 Airports by the End of Next 5 years.

Zameer said the administration planned on building nine new airports within the next five years. He said the airports would be built with a special focus on quality and longevity. He said the airports would sustainably benefit the country’s tourism industry.

“It is the aim of the current administration to ensure every Maldivian island was 30-minutes away from an airport “

Minister Zameer said while speaking at the inaugural function of Dhaalu Airport at DH. Kudahuvadhoo this morning.

Minister Zameer said that he is confident that by the end of the next five years, Maldives will have 15 airports with 1.2-kilometer operational runways and six airports of Category C (1.8-kilometers).

The Tourism Minister also said that building more airports would create opportunities for low-cost tourism and that it would present various benefits to the tourism industry of Maldives.

Throughout his speech Minister Zameer expressed gratitude over the extraordinary work done in construction and finishing of Dhaalu Airport by the local company, Dhaalu Airport Holdings – a subsidiary of Royal Investment. He said his comments were in no way a slight to foreign investors. But that he was simply saying it as how it was.

Dhaalu Airport was built at the cost of approximately MVR 25 million.