I urge all Maldivians to be vigilant of potential outside threats to the national – President Yameen

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, in his Victory Day address, has urged Maldivians to get inspired from the courage Maldivian armed forces displayed on 3rd November 1988, and insisted to be more vigilant of potential outside threats to Maldivian territory. y.

The President stated that the main elements under the victory were the Maldivian people’s unity, friendship and togetherness, and also because the people dutifully complied with their leaders on that day.

“We will never tolerate being under the influence of a foreign part”

He said declaring that this nation shall remain independent and influence-free.

President Yameen also reminded us that all such treacherous attacks that occurred in the past had traitors from our nation and that those betrayals lead to bloodshed and national crisis. The President highlighted that even today we were continuously getting equally dangerous threats both internally and externally.

In his address, President Yameen has called upon all maldivians to stay united and ready for such an incident and urged us all to promote and boost patriotism in our nation. Furthermore, the President has stated that if we are to protect we must be more alert, vigilant and steadfast in defending our nation.