Election Commission’s Civic Education Program Ongoing in Noonu Atoll

Election Commission’s Civic Education Programs are now underway in Noonu Atoll.

The Civic education program raises awareness among voters and stakeholders of the island communities. A total of 3 Modules including information on numerous areas under the elections commission mandate are presented by the commission officials.

The Civic Education team in Noonu Atoll is headed by Commissioner Ahmed Akram. Accompanying him in the team are Director Abdurahman Solah Rasheed, Assistant director Ahmed Muaz and senior officer Maha Afeef. The team conducted awareness sessions in N.Velidhoo this Thursday and is scheduled to hold similar programs in N.Manadhoo, N.Kudafari, and N.Kendhikulhudhoo.

In an exclusive interview to MaldivesNews, commission member Ahmed Akram said that each and every island has presented a list of more than 30 interested participants and that the island communities take these programs as an important source of information.

‘We can surely say that these programs will impact the level of awareness among the island communities. Each certified participant who completes this program will become an informed individual who will in the future educate their families and fellow friends.”

Commissioner Ahmed Akram said stating the actual purpose of programs like these. He also mentioned that his team holds separate meetings with the councilors of each island addressing their concerns and doubts.

Officials from the Elections Commission has also informed that other teams led by other Commissioners are also carrying out such programs in various atolls of Maldives.