Opposition’s Internal Quarrel on Appointing an Interim Candidate

It was Nasheed’s opinion that the only way the opposition can beat president Yameen in the 2018 presidential election is if the joint opposition parties agree on appointing a single interim candidate to run for presidency in 2018.

All opposition leaders including Mohamed Nasheed, Gasim Ibrahim, and Sheikh Imran Abdulla are either fugitives or jailed on multiple charges. Moreover, the deposed leader of PPM Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom being over the age cap has left the opposition in chaotic conditions looking for a proper candidate.

Sources inside the opposition disclosed that former president Nasheed himself has put a significant effort into getting the oppositional leaders to agree on appointing this interim candidate.

However, former president Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom has recently tweeted that he hasn’t encountered any talks about an interim candidate. Gayyoom after chairing a discussion among opposition parliamentarians denied any discussions related to an interim candidate.

“We haven’t discussed it at all. We’re only discussing what needs to be done now. I believe it’s too early for that”

Gayyoom reportedly said after the meeting.

PPM deputy leader and member of parliament for Fonadhoo constituency, Abdul Raheem Abdulla, in a press conference held by PPM said that this is an indication that there are internal quarrels inside the opposition and that he believes that the opposition is not capable of bringing forward a single candidate.

Gayyoom has refused to comment on any topic regarding the interim candidate prior to his tweet. The prior silence, the timing and the wording of his tweet clearly suggests that he does not agree with Nasheed’s interim candidate.

Oppositional leadership being pushed towards backing the interim candidate by Nasheed and Gayyoom being at odds in this matter will certainly create turbulence within the oppositional community.