Dhevvadhoo Proposing the First Floating Airport in Maldives

GA atoll Dhevvadhoo council has passed a resolution to appeal the government to build a floating airport on the island.

Dhevvadhoo council president Ahmed Najmeen said that Dhevvadhoo island lies in the middle of GA atoll; hence building an airport at Dhevvadhoo will be beneficial to all the other islands within the atoll.

According to the island council’s president, they decided on the floating airport due to the lack of land area in Dhevvadhoo. “We also don’t want the airport in the lagoon, to avoid destroying any natural sites. But developing a floating airport outside of the island shouldn’t be too hard for the government,” he added.

The resolution is to be proposed to the government at the beginning of next week.

The council also noted that these types of airports are being developed in different parts of the world and since the government is currently in the midst of developing several airports across the country, developing this airport would be feasible for the government.

“We want our island to have the first floating airport in the Maldives.”

The resolution highlights the increase in tourism within GA atoll and their plan to start exporting fish the following year.

Currently, the government is developing airports at Hdh. Kulhudhuffushi, Sh. Funadhoo, F. Nilandhoo, and Gdh. Faresmaadthodaa.