Youth has called out to stop interfering with this country: MP Yaamin

Member of Parliament for Velidoo constituency, Yaamin Rasheed has said that Maldivian youth has called out the opposition to stop interfering with this country.

During the Progressive Party of Maldives’ (PPM) gathering ‘ASTHAA’, which held last night, MP Yaamin said that this country has seen traitors who labeled themselves as citizens and betrayed the country years ago on the 3rd of November. ‘Even today we are witnessing such cases’, said MP Yaamin referring to the Maldivian opposition who are currently residing in London.

“The opposition leaders are going to London and other countries to work on subjugating this nation. They are trying to cause hatred towards the government that our citizens have elected themselves. However, people filling this whole carnival (venue) are saying that there will be no room for anything like that!”

MP Yaamin said.

In addition, the MP Yaamin also said that the opposition is trying to boycott tourism because the government would not allow other religions to be spread in this nation and such an opportunity will never be given.

He highlighted the difference between President Yaamin and Former President Nasheed by saying that President Yaamin would never hire violent groups or gangs to fight with people or to start protests. Instead, he would find people who will work with him to develop the country.

MP Yaamin concluded his speech by saying that the citizens happily request President Yaamin to kindly serve one more term in 2018.