Kulhudhuffushi Welcomes Mahaa Jarraaf with a Cultural Ceremony

Kulhudhuffushi women welcome the Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger ‘Mahaa Jarraaf’ with a cultural ceremony called Farivalhulun.  Farivalhulun, originated in Kulhudhuffushi island is a ceremony held usually in celebration of launching a new boat. The women wear red libaas (traditional dress) and carry a plate of bondi baiy (rice pudding) on their heads.\

Several women gathered at the reclaimed land area to welcome the crew on the Mahaa Jarraaf. Some of the government’s officials, heads of government companies and parliament members were also present for the ceremony.

Mahaa Jarraaf is the biggest dredger in the region and its first operation will be the reclamation of 15 hectares to build Kulhudhiffusi airport.