All Schools in Maldives to be Digitalized by Next Year

Finance Minister Ahmed Munawwar said that a major change will be brought to the educational sector and with this change, schools will be digitalized and there will be a new curriculum as well. Therefore, MVR 154 million has already been budgeted for this purpose.

In addition, Minister Munawwar said that along with the school digitalization project, technology can be used in education to avoid heavy school bags and switch to light tablets. He also said that teaching, assigning homework and observing students’ progress can be up-to-date with today’s technology.

Regarding the amount allocated from the budget to spend on education, Minister Munawwar said that next year’s budget is specifically planned to fund higher education. Therefore, 210 million will be spent from the budget for higher education and a lot of students will be provided with scholarship opportunities with it.

The government has planned for all the schools in Maldives to be digitalized by next year.