Parliament Passes 2018 Budget with 39 Votes

Maldivian Parliament, People’s Majlis has passed the 2018 budget of MVR 27.9 billion. 39 members of Parliament voted in favour of passing the budget as recommended by Budget Evaluation Committee during today’s sitting.

The Budget Committee made one amendment to the budget submitted by Ministry of Finance but made no change to the total value of the budget. There was an alteration brought to a project under the public-sector investment program which was to reallocate money for construction of a prison at K. Kaashidhoo to a land reclamation project at K. Hura.

Lawmakers from the now united opposition had boycotted the parliament sitting and have instead appealed the Supreme Court to stop the vote hours before the budget was passed. The oppositions continued protests and obstructions seem to have little or no effect on the honourable work the parliament has to do.

There were three recommendations from the parliament as the budget was passed. They are:-

– There must not be any constraints on the independent institutions and the Ministry of Finance should see to it that the budget is allocated in a way that this objective is achieved.

– 100% Government-owned Companies and Maldivian Companies should be prioritised when issuing contracts for the provision of basic services

– To buy back Foreign-Owned shares in companies such as Dhiraagu and MWSC