It is a Loss for All Maldivians if President Yameen Loses in 2018 – Minister Naazim

“All Maldivian citizens are losing if President Yameen loses at the 2018 Presidential Elections”, says Minister Abdulla Naazim.

Speaking at the gathering Heyyosaa, at Gaaf Dhaal Thinadhoo island, Minister Naazim said that electing President Yameen is something that the citizens must do in order to fulfil their obligations to the nation.

He also pointed out how other presidents were incompetent in bringing the development President Yameen is bringing the country now.

“Since President Yameen got elected, he has given a high priority to pledge the basic rights of Maldivian citizens. There were presidents before too. President Yameen is now proving their incompetence”

Minister Nazim said.

He also highlighted the development brought to the health services in Thinadhoo during his speech.