Youth Forum Concluded; Over 100 Participants Attended

Youth Forum to mark the National Youth Day was commenced with more than 100 participants yesterday.

The event was inaugurated today by Minister of Youth and Sports, Iruthisham Adam. The one-day forum was held at Dharubaaruge.

Addressing the attendees, Minister Iruthisham stated that it was the first time for such a forum to be held in Maldives. She said that the purpose of the forum was to increase participation of youth in development and obtain their views on various issues.

“Through this forum, we will provide information on the opportunities for youth, the success and prosperity brought to the youth population by President Yameen’s administration, how these opportunities has led to development and about the golden era in the youth agenda that is currently unfolding. We also want to hear your views on this,”

said Minister Iruthisham.

The discussion at the Youth Forum was focused on the theme for National Youth Day 2017, “Youth Participation, National Progress”.