Every Budget Allocated by President Yameen’s Administration is for the Purpose of Delivering the Manifesto: Minister Zameer

Every budget from this administration is for the purpose of delivering the manifesto promises, says Vice President of PPM and Minister of Tourism Moosa Zameer.

At the ceremony ‘Maves PPM’ held to welcome the newly signed members of PPM, Minister Zameer responded to several claims made by the opposition that the 2018 state budget is focused on achieving campaign goals of PPM.

“I believe that all the budgets are campaign budgets. Because budgets are made based on the manifestos and to deliver its promises. I believe that the budgets that aided the nation’s development for the past four years were also part of his presidential campaign”

said Minister Zameer.

2900 members have newly signed to the ruling party PPM at the ‘Maves PPM’ ceremony held at Dharubaaruge today,