“We are Going to Find a More Easier Way for Maldivians to Acquire Flats” – Minister Muizz

Minister of Housing and infrastructure Dr Mohamed Muizz has said that the citizens of Maldives should not be subjected to wait in long ques for hours for the application of flats and that the government is trying to find a way to make the process simple and easy.

Minister Muizz tweeted earlier today and disclosed that the Ministry has, for the time being, stopped awarding of flats from the Gaakoshi project and the Arabiyyaa compound. Minister Muizz mentioned that a lot of people queued up to sign up for the newly built 264 flats and that the government does not believe that Maldivians should undergo such a harsh process to acquire flats.

A bank guarantee of MVR 100,000 is needed for the forms to be valid. Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has previously said that 75 flats from Gaakoshi and 30 flats from Arabiyyaa compound will be awarded for those who submit valid forms in reference to the order submitted. The Housing Ministry is now working on introducing a more efficient, simple and easy way for the process to be carried out.

Male’ Square flats constructed in the Gaakoshi and Male’ Grand flats constructed in the Arabiyya compound will guarantee housing for a large number of Maldivians. Moreover, President Yameen has recently inaugurated a mega project in Hulhumale’ phase two which will provide stable housing for another 100,000 Maldivians and will certainly become a solution for the issues regarding stable and affordable housing.