Enhanced Trade Relations with China will not Affect Maldives’s Relations with its Neighbours : Government

Enhanced trade relations with China, including the Free-Trade Agreement with will not affect the bilateral relations with the neighbouring countries, declares the Government of Maldives.

Fisheries Minister, Dr Mohamed Shainee while speaking at a press conference held in Sri Lanka said that the agreement with China would bring major development to the Maldives.

Dr Shainee said that the Maldives does have trade agreements with India and Sri Lanka as well. And the Maldives will try to establish similar agreements with European countries in the near future.

The Maldivian Ambassador to Sri Lanka Mohamed Hussain Shareef also stressed that the free trade agreement with China and Maldives poses no threats to the relations between Maldives and its neighbours.

Under the Free-Trade Agreement with China, exports to China from the Maldives won’t have any duty attached to them.

Responding to the allegation from the opposition claiming that the Parliament rushed the procedure to sign the Free-Trade Agreement Ambassador said that the actual negotiations have been going on for approximately 3 years and that he finds no issue in the quick process recently.

Our MPs were already familiar with the contents of the agreement and the actual negotiations have been going for three years.”

Said Mohamed Hussain Shareef

The free trade agreement between China and Maldives was passed by the Parliament last week.