Maldives and China to cooperate on anti-terrorism and anti-narcotic strategies

Maldives and China has agreed to cooperate on anti-terrorism and anti-narcotic strategies.

In the joint press communique released by the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Maldives on Friday, it was stated that ‘Law enforcement and security authorities of the two countries will enhance exchanges and cooperation on anti-terrorism, anti-narcotics, personnel training, mutual visits and other areas.’

It was also stated that the two sides agreed to deepen cooperation on a wide range of areas including in the fields of marine environment, fisheries and tourism.

In addition, it was specified that the Chinese side will continue to encourage Chinese citizens to travel to the Maldives, provide assistance to the Maldivian side in tourism promotion in China and encourage Chinese enterprises to invest in tourism industry of Maldives.

It was also agreed that the two sides will further strengthen coordination and cooperation in the United Nations and on other multilateral fora, and enhance cooperation on global issues including climate change. ‘China is ready to support the Maldives on adapting to climate change under the framework of South-South cooperation.’ The statement reads.