We are Working Towards a Revolutionized Fisheries Sector – Adley Ismail

MIFCO’s CEO Adley Ismail has said that under President Yameen’s Administration, the Fisheries sector is moving towards a new direction and that they aim to revolutionize the whole sector in the near future.

Speaking at an interview regarding the international fishermen’s day, CEO Adley said that it is their belief that Maldives should not only export frozen tuna to the markets of Europe but should export value-added, processed and finished products to the markets all over the world. He mentioned that a fall in the price of frozen tuna in the European brings about a huge impact on the pricing of fish in Maldives and therefore it is very important that the fisheries sector be diversified in order to achieve a sustainable and stable fisheries income.

Adley Ismail also mentioned that in order to buy and process the fish that are brought by the fishermen every day, the government has taken initiative to improve storage and processing infrastructure as well as equipment. Going into detail, Adley mentioned that ice plants have been constructed and brought to operation in all parts of the Maldives and that the main fish processing factory in the Maldives, Felivaru fish Factory has been upgraded to process about 50 tons of tuna per day.

“Felivaru Canning Factory had a capacity of 15 tons when we came into management. By the grace of God, we have managed to increase this capacity up to 50 tons as of today.”

Adley said in reference to the improvement brought to the canning factory in Felivaru island.

Throwing some light into the future plans and scheduled projects, Adley said that production of pouched fish will commence before the end of 2017. He also disclosed that construction of the remaining fishermen’s marinas, which was a campaign vow of President Yameen, will be delivered sometime in the first quarter of 2018.

Speaking about the recent Free Trade Agreement between China and Maldives, Adley said that the decrease in taxation and duties will surely enable us to sell our products at a lower price in the Chinese market which will create a new demand, increasing our national income. He also stressed that the FTA providing us with a new market will certainly free us from solely depending on the European markets.

MIFCO’s CEO Adley Ismail, during this interview expressed gratitude towards the hardworking fishermen of the Maldives for their continued support and patience in times of hardship and chaos. He advised the youth interested in the fisheries sector to get educated and to acquire experience in the field so that one day they could lead a crew to the open sea and bring home the days catch along with the income it generates.