President Yameen Inaugurates New Office for 2018 Presidential Campaign

President Yameen has inaugurated the main Campaign hub for his Presidential campaign 2018, situated in the west-Male’ area.

The President was accompanied by First Lady Madam Fathimath Ibrahim and Ministers of the cabinet. Members of Parliament and High-level Government officials were also present at this gathering held tonight.

Addressing the gathering, president Yameen said that we should always work together with the “Golden” quality of sincerity. The president urged all Maldivians to support and encourage all developmental projects being carried out by this administration all over the Maldives.

Speaking in an exclusive interview to channel 13, Campaign Manager Adley Ismail said that this campaign hub being the main campaign hub for President Yameens campaign for 2018, will be open to all citizens of Maldives.

“Everyone will be allowed to contact us through this campaign hub at all times. Be it by SMS, Twitter, Facebook, or by unannounced visits to this campaign hub, we will welcome each and every citizen.”

Adley said.

Adley mentioned that this campaign hub will provide necessary information in relation to the campaign events and President Yameen’s Manifesto. He also highlighted that this campaign office will contain a separate section for each atoll of Maldives and that citizens of each atoll will be given the opportunity to express concerns or acquire the required information without being subjected to long ques.

The First Lady’s administration will also run out of this Campaign office opened tonight as per the CEO of MIFCO Adley Ismail.