Members of North Huvadhoo Atoll Council Suspended for Acting Against Circular

All members of the North Huvadhoo Atoll have been suspended for acting against regulations.

Home Minister Ahmed Azleen disclosed that the Councilors were suspended for disobeying a direct circular by the Legal Government Authority (LGA) prohibiting the councillors to meet foreign ambassadors without notifying and seeking the consent of the Home Ministry of Maldives.

Members of the North Huvadhoo atoll council has met the ambassador to the Maldives from India Mr Akilesh Mishra without notifying the home ministry. Mr Akilesh Mishra visited North Huvadhoo atoll on the invitation of the councillors as per trusted sources. Therefore, the councillors have been given a 3-month suspension.

The statement released by LGA states that they have noticed that some of the councillors and political personnel are meeting with foreign advisories and representatives in the Maldives. They also Highlighted that such acts are against the constitution of the Maldives and the Supreme court’s rulings set in order to maintain political relations between other countries stable and strong.

LGA also declared that further necessary action will be taken towards such acts in the future as well.

It is also important to note that lately, the Indian Government and its representatives’ actions have led some to believe that India is meddling in the internal affairs of the Maldives especially influencing the current political situation directly and indirectly.