ABA’s 35th Annual to be Held in the Maldives next year

Bank of Maldives (BML) prepared to host a large-scale banking conference attracting the entire Asia region.

Asian Bankers Association (ABA) are set to hold their 35th annual general assembly in Kurumba Maldives resort next year.

ABA works with 80 of the top Asian banks in 25 countries within Asia. CEO of BML, Andrew Healy, said that it was a privilege to receive the hosting opportunity of ABA’s general assembly and banking conference in Maldives.

He also added that the opportunity will serve the local banking institutions to showcase their performance and grip in the banking world as well as to give a vivid picture to the influential bankers of Asia about the economic growth of Maldives.

Approximately 160 participants including several noteworthy speakers and banking professionals from across Asia will be joining the event.