President and First Lady Visits “Hithaanee Festival 2017”

President of Maldives Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom and First Lady Madam Fathmath Ibrahim Visited the Hithaanee (Circumcision) Festival 2017 which is currently underway at Hulhumale’.

The President and First Lady met with the Kids and their Families conveying goodwishes and laughter. Members of the Parliament along with some High-level Government officials also visited the festival today. Several Members of Parliament frequently visit the Festival as per the parents and organising team

The President and First Lady’s visit brightenned up the whole atmosphere at Rehendhi school. The Kids who were circumcised, their famillies and friends expressed words of joy and gratitude towards President Yameen and Madam Fathmath Ibrahim for checking up on them and for being a part of such a holy important event of their lives.

“We were very happy and shocked at the same time. We have ever seen a President or a First Lady taking part in events like these before. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

A young mother expressed her feelings towards todays events.

Hithaanee Festival is an annual event organised by the Sodhagath Foundation, a foundation which solely aids in welfare of the public.