Voodoo Wins Best Short Film – 8th Dhivehi Film Awards

Dhivehi short film Voodoo by Dark Rain Entertainment has won the Best Short Film award at 8th Dhivehi Film Awards.

This year’s Dhivehi Film Awards were given to movies that came out between 2014 to 2016.

Movies competing for the Best Short Film were Kashfu, Farihibe 4 and Voodoo. The Best Actor nominees for this category were Abdulla Hussein from Voodoo, Ibrahim Jihad from Kashfu and Mohamed Abdulla from Farihibe 4.

Competing for the Best Actress in Short Film were Fathmath Fareela from Kashfu, Fathmath Aazifa from Farihibe 4 and Niuma Mohamed from 13ah visnaa 2000.

Other awards given for the Short Film category were:
Best Cinematography: Ali Shifau – Voodoo
Best Editing: Alsi Shifau – Voodoo
Best Supporting Actor (female): Fathmath Aazifa – 13ah visnaa 2000
Best Supporting Actor (male) : Ahmed Nashith – Voodoo
Best Actor (female): Fathmath Aazifa – Farihibe 4
Best Actor (male): Ibrahim Jihad – Kashfu
Best Director: Ali Shifau – Voodoo

Movies nominated for the 8th Dhivehi Film Awards were judged by:
Ali Manik
Mohamed Shaeff
Mohamed Shameem
Dr. Ashraf Abdulraheem
Aamila Adam
Hussein Imthiyaz
Thoyyib Mohamed