“There are Still Some People Trying to Wipe-out the Nations Independence”

‘There are some people among us who are still trying to introduce false religions and wipe-out the nation’s independence’, says Chief Justice Honorable Uz Abdullah Saeed

Speaking at a ceremony held to mark the day Maldives embraced Islam, Chief Justice Abdulla said that

“We hear Islamic principles being challenged in the name of human rights. The purpose of this is to prevent Maldives from remaining as our own and as a 100% islamic Nation”

The chief justice said.

He said that nowadays it is common to associate terrorism with Islam and that is being done to weaken Islamic faith and create hatred towards Muslims. He also highlighted that it is actually the actions of a few Muslims which support such false claims and stressed that in reality, Islam is completely against terrorism and extremism.

Highlighting the government’s work in upholding Islamic values, Chief Justice said that the Islamic teachings in schools and the establishment of the Islamic University in Maldives is an essential step.