47 Harbor Projects have Already Been Successfully Completed- Minister Muizzu

47 harbors have been completed in different islands, and 31 harbors are currently being built.’, says Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu accompanied President Yameen in his visit to Noonu Atoll Maalhendhoo. Speaking to the residents of Maalhendhoo island, Minister Muizzu said that after President Yameen got elected he has been closely observing the difficulties faced by the citizens and today we are seeing him fulfilling the promises he made for the citizens.

In addition, Minister Muizzu said that the development of harbors is given a high priority in this administration and MVR2.7 billion has been budgeted to build 75 harbors even in the next year’s state budget.

President Yameen inaugurated the new mosque, Masjid-ul-Taqwa along with the new harbor in Maalhendhoo island.