Situation has Changed; What People Want is Development- Minister Nazim

Health Minister Abdulla Nazim has said that the situation in Maldives has changed over the past years  and that what people want today is development.

Speaking at the ceremony to inaugurate the services for clean drinking water in Lhaviyani Atoll Hinnavaru island, Minister Nazim said that there is no gain in talking about corruption and democracy to citizens because what they want is development.

“Citizens want the GDP to rise. To open new resorts. To develop the education and health sector “

said the Minister.

Minister Nazim said that there is no opposition in any other country like the one in Maldives, which opposes everything that is done by the government.

In addition, Minister Nazim said that Hinnavaru residents previously supported opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), that neglected the island and that the people of Hinnavaru are having a change of heart after seeing, first-hand, how capable a President we have today.