President Yameen Inaugurates 5 Harbors in Noonu and Baa Atoll

President Abdulla Yameen has officially inaugurated 5 harbors in the islands of Noonu and Baa Atoll.

During his 3-day visit to Noonu, Lhaviyani and Baa Atoll, the President participated in several ceremonies marking the completion of projects which were promised to the citizens by his administration.

His first visit was on 24th December to Noonu Atoll where he inaugurated harbors in Maalhendhoo, Holhudhoo and Velidhoo islands. He then officially opened the Maalhendhoo mosque; and inaugurate sewerage services in Hen’badhoo Island.

The next visit was to Lhaviyani Atoll where he where he inaugurated the services for clean drinking water in Hinnavaru island. The water plant will run on 100% daytime energy acquired from solar cells, and will provide clean water to the populace from rain water treatment, in addition to desalinated water.

The final tour was in Baa Atoll, where he inaugurated the harbor at Kendhoo island, and took part in the ceremony to mark the completion of the land reclamation project and the beach protection project in Eydhafushi island. The President also inaugurated the harbor and took part in the ceremony to mark the completion of the beach protection project in Thulhaadhoo Island.

During the inauguration ceremonies, President Yameen has made several speeches addressing the residents of the islands. He has stated that his administration will put in every effort to fulfil the aspirations of the people and encouraged the people to demand from their leaders in order to reach their dreams.

“This administration will make sure that the developmental projects go on without any obstacles at any cost.” – President Yameen

The President also stated that every administration should focus on fulfilling the needs of the Maldivian people by coming up with innovative solutions to carry out developmental schemes and projects.