There is No Friction Between India and Maldives – Ambassador Ahmed Mohamed

Maldives ambassador to India Ahmed Mohamed affirmed the relationship between India and Maldives has not worsened and remains firm.

In an emailed interview with National Herald, Maldives Ambassador said that there is no friction between India and Maldives and revealed that the anti-Modi editorial that raised controversy stood withdrawn.

He said that the pointed out to that the rumors were spread without proper information implying they are created by anti-government fundamentalists to create unrest and tension.

Ambassador Ahmed Mohamed said that FTA’s are one of the strongest tools of economic diplomacy and that it is unfortunate that some disgruntled politicians and self-appointed diplomacy experts have voiced unfounded concerns on the Maldivian-China FTA.

In addition, the ambassador said that, ‘President Yameen is committed to the economic development of the Maldives. As part of this commitment, the country is open to all development proposals that are in sync with the laws of the country.’

He also emphasized that Indo-Maldivian relations are time-tested and that India is Maldives’ closest neighbor and has always been the first to respond whenever Maldives has faced any crisis.