Opposition Receives Criticism for Staying Silent Regarding Shahindha’s Tweet.

The political opposition of Maldives has been receiving criticism for remaining silent regarding Shahindha’s tweet.

The tweet composed by Executive Director at Maldives Democracy Network (MDN), Shahindha Ismail read, ‘In this world, the opportunity for other religions to exist was given by Allah. Otherwise, why would there be other religions?’.

Shahindha’s tweet was in response to a statement made by President Abdullah Yameen, who had said he would not allow any religion apart from Islam to thrive in the Maldives.

The opposition has remained silent regarding the matter which has drawn a lot of criticism towards them.

Maldives Police Service (MPS) is currently investigating the tweets posted by Shahindha.

Shahindha Ismail was a former member of the Police Integrity Commission. She is also the sister of former leader of the opposition party MDP, Ibrahim Ismail (Ibura); and the spouse of former Deputy PG lawyer Hussein Shameem.