WAMCO “Wipes” Male’ Clean After disposing 250 Tons of Waste

Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO) gathered 250 tons of waste from Male’ city this morning.

WAMCO reported that as part of a special project, they summoned a team of 50 employees to collect waste from Malé city from 0200hrs until 0730hrs today morning. As a result, they collected 250 tons of waste and cleaned the entire city. WAMCO states that this is just the beginning of such projects.

WAMCO’s operation Manager Ahmed Shan reported that even though Malé city was cleaned this morning, there are certain places that people still gather waste at. He noted that people frequently gather trash around the cemetery areas.

Mr Shan said that in this phase, WAMCO will make sure that the entire Malé region is a clean area. However, there are still some 2000 households that are not registered to WAMCO and when they register there will be no issues in eliminating the waste gathered in parts of the city as per the officials of WAMCO.