Maldives Advocates to Maintain the Indian ocean as a Zone of peace – Ambassador Ahmed Mohamed

Maldives’ Ambassador to India, Ahmed Mohamed has tweeted that the Maldives is a strong advocate to maintain and sustain the Indian Ocean as a Zone of peace and assured that It is a policy the Maldivians will Maintain.

Ambassador Ahmed Mohamed tweeted this statement due to the claim that India-Maldives ties have been shaky over the past few months.

In an interview with the Indian news website, Governance Now, he stated that the Maldivian Government acted in the best interest of the Maldivian people and economy and that there were no other intentions to the FTA between China and Maldives.

“We need to bear in mind is that trade is one of the factors that contribute to moving us out from poverty to prosperity. If we have better trade links with multiple sources, it is better for the Maldivian people and its economy.”

Ambassador Ahmed Mohamed said.

In another interview with The Tribune, Ambassador Ahmed Mohamed responded to the claims that the FTA with China caught New Delhi by surprise. He said that it was a publicly announced process which was going on in the Maldives for the last two years. He also said that each embassy has its role to report to its headquarters about what is happening in the country.

‘So, India was not caught by surprise. This was media sensationalism. Engagements we have with India continue”

said Ahmed Mohamed referring to the fact that the issue should not be broadcasted in ways that will create chaos.

In addition, Ahmed Mohamed said that the relationship between Maldives and India is independent of the relationship the Maldives has with other countries. He said that it should not be a sensitive issue since ‘we are not giving a military base to any country.

He highlighted that the Maldivian government even though having absolute power to pick sides given that we are an independent sovereign state, will not do anything to jeopardise the situation of the subcontinent.