President Yameen is the Only Eligible President – Mundhu

Maldivian Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Mohammed Hussein Shareef (Mundhu) stated that the only person eligible as the President of Maldives is the current President Abdulla Yameen.

Speaking at the gathering held at the Rumaalu2 campaign office, Mundhu said that President Yameen is a Maldivian political hero and this will be written in mandatory textbooks in the future.

He said that President Yameen is also the best in dealing with the foreign relations and that the real size of Maldives has been shown to the world today as a result of the policies used by the current government.

Hence, there is no one who holds the Maldivian passport that is more eligible to be the President than President Yameen. He also stressed the importance of electing President Yameen for his second term in office in the 2018 Presidential Elections.