AA.Ukulhas displays outstanding solidarity to the First lady!

The residents of AA.Ukulhas Island have shown their endless support towards the First Lady and President Yameen’s administration.

The people of Ukulhas island, be it the teenagers or kids, the elderly and the weak, gethered and greeted Madam Fathimath Ibrahim with gratitude being expressed on the faces and words.

The thing that grabbed the attention of many, is that no shades of pink were displayed in the outfits nor the decorations used by Ukulhas people. The whole island was made ready in red, green and white; our national colors.
This stunning welcome independent of any political rivalry and personal agenda has shown that the people of Maldives, no matter which political mindset they have, supports and acknowledges the development and advancements brought to their lives by President Yameen’s administration.

The First Lady, during her trip to Ukhulhas island met with several key groups of people in Ukulhas island including the women, youth, government office staff and the differently abled personnel of the Ukulhas community. Issues faced by the whole community were discussed between the citizens and Madam Fathimath Ibrahim and her team.

The “Emme Gaathun” Campaign initiated by the first lady for the close monitoring of the everyday lives of Maldivian people, commenced for the year 2018 yesterday morning and is set to go on for 3 days.