Next Stop in First Lady’s Trip to Alif Atoll; AA.Feridhoo

First Lady of Maldives, Madam Fathimath Ibrahim visited the island of Feridhoo just a while ago during her “Emme Gaathun” Campaign trip to Alif Atoll.

Madam Fathimath Ibrahim and her team were given a warm welcome by the citizens of Feridhoo. Chants of happiness and words of gratitude were endlessly delivered by the overjoyed community.

Madam Fathimath Ibrahim, during her short trip, held numerous, face-to-face meetings with different groups of people in the Feridhoo Community. First and foremost was a meeting held by the first lady to check up on the disabled and the elderly community of the island of Feridhoo where a unique and friendly atmosphere for the discussion of their issues was created. Madam Fathimath Ibrahim personally guaranteed that their concerns, issues and suggestions will be taken into consideration and assured that she will personally see to it that they get addressed as soon as possible.

The First Lady and her team also held mini functions to see eye-to-eye, the youth community, the government office staff, PPM supporters and volunteers of the island community of Feridhoo.

The First Lady, Madam Fathimath Ibrahim has already visited several islands of Alif Atoll during this trip she started yesterday. There are still some more islands including the island of Mathiveri and Himendhoo awaiting the First Lady’s visit.