A good result has been achieved in building a civilized society– Education Minister

A lot of work has been done to build a civilized society within the past four years and it has achieved a good result.’, says Education Minister Dr. Aishath Shiham

She said that the quality standards of the education are being monitored and a variety of opportunities has been provided for the students to make schools a pleasant environment for students to learn in.

‘The schools have been made more accessible to students with disabilities under the governments promise for inclusive education and special training has been given to the teachers as well.’, said Minister Aishath Shiham.

In addition, she said that the schools have been provided with better technology and Wi-Fi will also be provided in all the schools in Maldives this year.

‘This year, schools will be able to teach with modern technology. These techniques can be used without completely depending on it but as an additional support in teaching.’, said Minister Aishath Shiham.

The Minister also said that this year will be a year to observe the positive outcomes of the newly introduced methods used in education within the past four years and a lot of opportunities will be opened for the student this year as well.