EU Delegation Meets with PPM Officials

The European Union delegation that is currently visiting the Maldives has met with some of the PPM officials yesterday.

The meeting held at the PPM office was mainly focused on All-Party Talks and the 2018 Presidential Election.

PPM’s Secretary General and the member of Nilandhoo constituency, Dr. Abdulla Khaleel reported that the EU delegation advised for all the political parties of the Maldives to sit at one table and communicate with each other in order to settle their differences.

In response to this, PPM officials have said that the government has already invited the opposition parties to discuss the issues on three separate occasions, however, they have a lot of demands every time and refuse to meet unless their demands are met.

Regarding the 2018 Presidential Election, the EU delegation asked the PPM officials whether there can be a free and fair election in the Maldives. They responded that the Elections Commission of the Maldives is an independent authority. However, the problem is that when the opposition wins an election, they praise the Elections Commission and condemn them if they fail.

The officials who took part in this meeting from PPM were, Minister of Tourism and PPM’s Vice President Moosa Zameer; PPM’s Parliamentary Group Leader and Member of Vilimalé’ constituency Ahmed Nihan; and PPM’s Secretary General and Member of Nilandhoo constituency Dr. Abdulla Khaleel.