Citizens of Kulhudhuffushi Present a Hearty Welcome to the First Lady

The citizens of Kulhudhuffushi island of Haa Dhaalu (HDh) atoll has presented a hearty welcome upon arrival of the First Lady Madam Fathimath Ibrahim.

The First Lady was escorted by the women of Kulhudhuffushi portraying the ancient cultural ways of welcoming the royalty. Madam Fathimath Ibrahim was then greeted with words of gratitude by the hundreds of people gathered at the site to welcome their first lady.

Much like other trips of the First Lady under the “Emme Gaathun Campaign”, the first priority was given to persons with disabilities. Madam Fathimath Ibrahim personally found out the circumstances and conditions under which they live in. She has also guaranteed that the issues faced by these people which are an important part of our community will not be neglected even a little.

First Lady, Madam Fathimath Ibrahim also has several events planned at Kulhudhuffushi Island tomorrow including a visit to the schools and Hospital along with numerous meetings with the community stakeholders of Kulhudhuffushi.

Emme Gaathun Campaign at HDh. Atoll is set to go on in 3 islands including HDh.Nolhivaram and HDh.Nolhivaramfaru where the First Lady, will personally meet the citizens, monitoring their lives as closest as possible.