Love and Affection at its Peak

Words of praise and compliments shower down on the First Lady of Maldives, Madam Fathimath Ibrahim anywhere she goes. Such examples were observed up close in her ongoing trip to Haa Dhaal Atoll.

Never Have I seen such a compassionate person”

Says a patient constricted to a hospital bed in the Kulhudhuffushi regional hospital as the woman of highest authority in the Maldives sits down beside him, asking the 65-year-old how he was doing. Even the mere presence of Madam Fathimath Ibrahim has become a beacon of hope and cheer for the suffering. Being Described as a guardian for the disabled, the sick and the elderly, the people of Maldives eagerly await the visits of the honourable First Lady.

“The work our First Lady is doing is most certainly praiseworthy”

A parent expresses her gratitude as she observes how closely the first lady monitors the situation of the school to which her own daughter studies in.

Quotes of thanks and appreciation can be put down in millions when it comes to our First Lady, but it doesn’t even start to describe the joy and happiness she brings upon destinations of her “Emme Gaathun” Campaign. Never in the whole history of Maldives have we seen a woman figure being admired so much for her empathy and grace.

Madam Fathimath Ibrahim, unlike all the past first ladies, displays an outstanding quality of getting along with her citizens. Throughout this first term of presidency for President Yameen, the first lady has visited Numerous islands all over the Maldives and everywhere she goes, love and affection are displayed at its best.