Outstanding Reception Received by First Lady and her Team in Nolhivaramfaru

The First Lady and her team visiting Nolhivaramfaru island of Haa Dhaal (HDh) Atoll have received an outstanding reception from the citizens of the island community.

A combination of unity and solidarity towards the current administration has created an atmosphere of joy and happiness in the island as a whole which in turn, produced unique festivities in honour of the First Lady and her team.

Madam Fathimath Ibrahim being escorted from the harbour by the women of Nolhivaramfaru in the most exclusive cultural ways conjoined with the greetings and words of gratitude and thanks echoing far and wide made the end of HDh Atoll trip an unforgettable one even for the First Lady Madam Faathun.

The First Lady during the short time spent in Nolhivaramfaru island met with the disables personnel in the island community first and foremost. She also had several other meetings including meetings with women, youth, elderly, civil servants and PPM supporters.

Nolhivaramfaru visit marks the end of the three-day trip under the First Lady’s Emme Gaathun Campaign at HDh Atoll. This trip was most certainly a fruitful and successful trip given that each island displayed stunning support and solidarity towards President Yameen’s administration. Madam Fathimath Ibrahim, upon conclusion of this trip, is set to arrive back in Male’ sometime tomorrow.