Y for Youth Bike Rally; Streets of Youth City Saturated in Pink

The Youth community of Hulhumale’ (Youth City) showcased their solidarity to President Yameen during a bike rally carried out just a moment ago.

The streets of the Youth City were flooded with motorbikes totalling to more than 1000 bikes in this rally organized by PPM’s “Ummeedhee” Campaign Hub. Displays of thankful slogans and PPM flags were used by the crowd, saturating the main roads of Hulhumale’ in pink.

Representative from the First Lady’s Administration and Deputy Managing Director of Hulhumale’ Development Corporation, Ahmed Bunyaamin, in an exclusive interview to Maldives News disclosed that this bike rally was one of the largest such rallies held anywhere in the Maldives and that this shows that the President Yameen and his administration has the blessing and support of the Youth community in the Maldives. Bunyaamin also stressed that this bike rally was both organized and carried out solely by the youth of Hulhumale’.


“This display of solidarity most certainly showcases the popularity of President Yameen among the Youth of Maldives and this, in turn, presents President Yameen assurance that the youth are behind him at all times.”

Said the Deputy Managing Director of Hulhumale’ Development Corporation, Ahmed Bunyaamin expressing his thoughts on this mega event held in Hulhumale’.

Youth empowerment is one of the biggest and important vows in President Yameen’s time in office. With regard to this, 90,000 or more jobs have been created, giving the opportunity for the youth to become responsible citizens.