Maldives – Hong Kong Free Trade Talks Concluded

The Maldives has successfully concluded the free trade talks with Hong Kong.

The talks were officially concluded throughout Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed’s Trip to Hong Kong which he started on the 24th of January 2018. Speaking to the press about the Maldives – Hong Kong Free Trade talks, Minister Saeed said that the talks were indeed a huge success and that this will benefit the entire economy of the Maldives.

Minister Saeed also highlighted that the Maldives being able to reach this stage of negotiations with several countries show that the Maldives has a bright future ahead and that the Maldives has the capability to excel in whichever path we may choose.

Besides from taking part in the free trade talks, Minister Saeed has met with high-level Government officials from Hong Kong and broad discussions on various matters of interests for both the countries went on.

The Maldivian Government under President Yameen’s Administration has signed the first ever free trade pact with China. Officials from the government assure that more such pacts will be signed as opportunities come by.