There are no Conflicts Within the Police Force – Ahmed Shifan

Police Spokesperson, Superintendent of Police, Ahmed Shifan has assured to the public that there are absolutely no conflicts within the police force.

In a statement to the press, Spokesperson Shifan said that Maldives Police Service still runs on the legal command of Commissioner Areef and denied all rumours being spread with regard to the current status of Commissioner of Police Ahmed Areef.

All operations of Police Service are being conducted under his legal command,”

said Police Spokesperson, Superintendent of Police Ahmed Shifan.

Shifan highlighted in the statement that all such major investigations by the police were conducted by special teams. He declared that much like other cases, MP Faris Maumoon’s investigation was also being conducted by a special team led by Deputy Commissioner of Police Ahmed Saudhy and Assistant Commissioner of Police Ahmed Mohamed.

Police Spokesperson also urged all media to refrain from spreading misinformation about the status and duties of CP Areef and any such matters involving the Police Service or any such institutions.