Government Officials Welcome the EU/UK Delegation Visiting the Maldives

Government Officials have met with the European Union and United Kingdom’s Delegation today.

The EU Delegation was met by Foreign Secretary, Ahmed Sareer, in the absence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs who is currently travelling to Pakistan as a Special Envoy of the President, and senior officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The two delegations had productive discussions during which the EU delegation requested meetings with Cabinet Ministers. However, since meetings were scheduled for 3 PM today, upon conclusion of Cabinet Consultations, the delegation had, by then, chosen to leave.

The Administration has extended an invitation to all development partners and organizations to assess the current situation in the Maldives and to observe and independently verify for themselves that life remains unaffected with peace and calm prevailing across the nation. Economic activity remains unaffected with no restrictions on travel in and out, and within, the country.