Government Proposes All-Party Talks be reconvened

The Government of Maldives has invited all the political parties to come together for All-Party talks to be reconvened.

In a Statement released by the Presidents’ office, the government has announced that a decision has been made to reconvene the All-party talks in order to find the best solutions to the current situation of the Maldives.

“In view of the existing situation in the country, and the importance of All-Party Talks for the welfare of the people of the Maldives, the government has decided to reconvene All-Party Talks, and has issued invitations to all parties to engage in dialogue with the Government.”

The statement said.

Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Mohamed Shainee, the moderator of the All-Party talks, tweeted that he believes that the opposition want to solve the political differences through dialogue and so the government will provide the opportunity to do so.